Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is the problem of voicing out?

BN component leaders should be able to provide opinion and also voice out people problems and issues. This is because we are voted by the people. Therefore when there is shortfall and shortcoming in some of the process within the government that requires improvement we should voice out our opinion and suggestions.

Voicing it out is also a part of communication process to enable people to realize that the leaders are also aware of the problems and are trying to find ways to help.

Similarly, Selangor faced also criticism when only less than 10%non-bumi students obtained scholarship.

The difference is that besides the problem, MCA is working to gather data and to get a clear picture of the problem, and to work toward helping these students. We do not just voice out the problem. Even DPM has mentioned that officers should follow the Cabinet's decision.

Ultimately, voicing out people problem and seeking solution is also part of the concept "People first, Performance now". Furthermore the problem may have arisen partly due to increase in eligible students for scholarship, as the Cabinet has decided 8A+ students also entitled to be offered. Comparatively. there was not much problem in 2010 when 9A+ students are entitled scholarship.

In this issue no one is trying to be a hero. We are hoping to solve the problem, as we want to avoid brain drain and to ensure deserving students are offered.

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