Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tackling issues together

Monday August 13, 2012


LABIS: The police would beef up the Volunteer Patrol Scheme (SRS) here to assist in crime prevention as well as tackling social issues.

District police chief Supt Hanafi Daud said many volunteers in Labis are inactive.

He added that the police is hoping to rope in the members and get them involved in patrol  duties.

Public participation can help prevent crime and social issues effectively,” he said at a dialogue with Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong and local community leaders at the district’s police station here recently.


Finding ways to work together: Chua (orange top), Supt Hanafi and local community leaders posing for a photograph after a dialogue at the Labis police station.

Citing some examples, Supt Hanafi said seven crime cases including motorcycle theft, house break-in and robbery were recorded since January.

We can do more to lower the crime index here,” he said.

He added that many residents in the district were not aware of the police hotline (07-932 4222).

The number could reach the district police operation room directly in case of any emergency.

Commenting on the matter, Chua, who is also Agriculture and Agro-based Industry deputy minister, said he would allocate RM2,500 to print 10,000 pieces of stickers bearing the hotline telephone number for public distribution.

Chua also urged the public to be patient with police roadblocks in the district as a deterrent to crime.

The police are not here to cause incovnience to the residents.

Their roadblock is a proactive move to combat crime and is also done with the safety of the residents here as their priority,” he said.

Chua remarked on this as he had received a number of complaints from the residents about the roadblocks.

Stopping wastage


 LABIS: Prevent food waste especially during festive celebrations in order to reduce cost and environmental impact.

 Agriculture and Agro-based Industry deputy minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong said the global economic downturn would affect food prices and cause more burden if people continue to waste.

 Ramadan teaches us about moderation, we must avoid wasting food,” he said at an event with the district police at Masjid Jamek Labis here recently.

 Tucking in: Chua at a buka puasa event with police personnel from Pontian, Ledang, Batu Pahat, Segamat and Muar districts at Masjid Jamek Labis recently.

 Some 300 police personnel from Pontian, Ledang, Batu Pahat, Segamat and Muar districts also participated in the function.

 Also present was Johor special branch chief Datuk Ramli Hassan, Tenang assemblyman Mohd Azahar Ibrahim and Yap Beng Heng, who represented Bekok assemblyman Tan Kok Hong.

Chua, who is Labis MP, said the rakyat should practice moderation to help to reduce growing pressure on economic and environment.

 In another development, Chua said the 5.4% growth in gross domestic growth (GDP) in the second quarter of the year was beyond expectations even for economic experts.

This shows that the Government’s Economic Transformation Pro-gramme is successful,” he said.

Chua added that developed countries in Europe and United States were facing high unemployed rate, which caused a great impact to their people especially the youths who were out of jobs.

Some are even facing problems with their daily lives because of they are jobless,” he said.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chua challenges MB to debate

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 15, 2012): MCA Young Professionals Bureau chairman Datuk Chua Tee Yong today challenged Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim to a debate on the debt recovery exercise involving Talam Corporation Sdn Bhd.

At a press conference at Wisma MCA yesterday, Chua revealed a document dated July 14 2009, where Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) directs state agencies – Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad, Pendidikan Industries YS Sdn Bhd and Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Berhad to terminate their previous agreements with Talam, and enter into a new global settlement with the Company.

"The document clearly shows that the state was aware of the settlement agreements between the state agencies and Talam.

This shows that the state had misled the public when they said that all these debts are hidden, and that there was no attempt by the previous state administration to recover the debts.
Chua also asked Selangor to explain some of the assets accepted from Talam as part of the settlement.

Meanwhile, Selangor state exco member Teresa Kok in a statement issued on Tuesday said that three pieces of land in Danau Putra were bought at RM15 per sq ft as part of the global settlement with Talam. Two of these were sold, while the other was auctioned off by Bangkok Bank at RM5.20 per sq ft.

"Talam has taken legal action against the bank over the sale of the land, and the Selangor government intervened in the suit. They (Talam) promised to refund the amount concerned to the Selangor government if they lost the suit," she said.

Chua said, Kok's statement did not disclose any information on how the state government evaluates each asset through the state's Valuation Property Service Department. "Land transactions are eligible for disclosure under Selangor's Freedom of Information Act. She's not answering my queries," he said.

Tee Yong-Section 114A means well, but needs tweaking

MCA HQ, 15 Aug – Speaking to reporters at the press conference held here, MCA Young Professionals Bureau Chairman Datuk Chua Tee Yong had expressed his personal opinion that Section 114A of the Evidence Act needs to be reviewed.

Reiterating however that the amendments were well-intentioned to prevent slander, Tee Yong stressed that the whole Act should not be scrapped as the law was meant to stop negative comments which might touch on sensitive issues or on one’s sensitivity which might lead to unrest, saying “not drop the whole thing, just tweak Section 114A. This (section) is creating huge discontentment among the people.”

“The regulation itself might be too overzealous. The intention was good to prevent slander and inciting community unrest, but there is the perception that once something is posted, then that person is at fault, but that person may not be at the computer at that time,” said Tee Yong.

“My understanding is that it (the charges) will be based on your IP address,” said Tee Yong, adding that owners of establishments which offer wireless internet services are at risk, explaining that there are certain quarters who hide behind anonymous postings. “This is not easy to trace,” he added.

“It must be more balanced and clear so that no one will fear that it encompasses everything. If I am a wifi operator, he or she may be excluded. I understand that the basic thing is to give a check and balance for anonymous people who create unrest,” he said.

The Labis Member of Parliament also said that when the Evidence Act is implemented, it might not be clear or maybe ambiguous and that the part in Section 114A which implies that one is guilty till proven innocent should be reviewed to deal with anonymous hatred-filled postings.

Pengerang residents’ unhappiness being looked into
On the issue of the Petronas Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (Rapid) in Pengerang, Johor the MCA Young Professionals Bureau Chairman had explained that in his capacity as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries, he has directed the Fisheries Department to visit the affected area and to have discussions with the fishermen there.

He added that leases have been given, but the lease is not complete. The MP for Pengerang, Dato’ Azalina has given the Agriculture Ministry the complete list.

Tee Yong also explained that they have started a registration to get data on the fishermen affected. Repeating MCA’s stand that the party supports development but not at the expense of the environment and eco-system, Tee Yong also revealed that the party has directed YB Hoo Seong Chang, MCA’s state exco in the state to look into the matter as well.

Other MCA leaders present at the media conference were office bearers from the MCA Selangor state liaison committee and the state assemblymen for Kuala Kubur Baru Wong Koon Mun and Sg Pelek, YB Yap Ee Wah.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Press Release 15 – 15th August 2012

1. Today I receive new information about the Talam Deal. Again it reinforces the continuing lies after lies of the Talam deal by the PR Selangor government. It looks like the Talam deal has become the mother of all lies committed by the PR Selangor government.

2. Based on the document dated 14 July 2009 by Menteri Besar Selangor (Pemerbandanan) 1994 the following is mentioned in the document;

-         A new committee known as Talam Task Force Committee is to be formed and headed by Ybhg Datin Paduka Low Siew Moi to negotiate and to implement a new global settlement for the recovery of all outstanding debt from Talam.

-         All settlement agreement signed earlier between state government agencies with Talam shall be terminated and cease to have any effect and new terms of settlement shall be negotiated to recover all amount outstanding from Talam.

3. As such the document clearly shows that PR Selangor government is aware that there was settlement agreement by the subsidiaries of the state government to collect debt from Talam.

4. This shows PR Selangor government is lying and misleading the public when PR Selangor government says all the debts are hidden and no state subsidiary attempt to recover the debts from Talam.

5. All previous settlement is terminated hence all the assets accepted by PR Selangor government is based on PR Selangor government decision and has nothing to do with previous state government. 

6. Thus the land underwater or with ex mining pond Danau Putra & Bestari Jaya, office lots in Menara Pandan, retail lots in Ukay Perdana , Hillslope ulu yam land, 60% shares in Ulu yam and country club sdn bhd accepted from Talam is due to the decision of PR Selangor government and not a legacy of the BN state government fault.

Why are these assets accepted by PR Selangor government?

7. In addition, the value of each asset accepted is also determined by PR Selangor government. Thus what is the state valuation through the Valuation Property Service Department (JPPH) for each of the assets that are accepted as a debt settlement. What is the state valuation of Bestari Jaya land, Danau Putra land, Ulu yam land, Menara Pandan office lots , Ukay perdana retail lots, 60% shares in Ulu yam and country club Sdn Bhd? Why is there an apparent overvaluation of RM107million to RM165million?

8. Moreover why is RM36million early incentive discount still given to Talam though Talam has not been able to fulfil the terms and condition in the settlement agreement dated 8 March 2007? The agreement is already terminated by PR Selangor government thus what is so special that the RM36million discount is still granted to Talam?

9. I have also highlighted that BN government made effort to collect debts via the 8 March 2007 supplemental settlement agreement. It was clearly stipulated in that agreement that the previous state government is not involved to clear the land encumbrances.

10. However, PR Selangor government has terminated all the settlement agreement and under the new settlement agreement in 2010, PR Selangor Government has to settle an additional amount of RM296million.

11. RM266million is to be paid to Talam Bankers to clear the encumbrances of the land accepted. The remainder RM30million will be settled by PR Selangor government, via a land to be given to Talam. In order to raise money of RM266million some of the lands are sold to PNSB and a loan is raised resulting in an interest cost of RM86million.

12. Furthermore as all previous settlement agreement has been terminated, PR Selangor government could not take actions against Talam upon expiry of 8 March 2007 supplemental settlement agreement when Talam fail to repay the debts. Instead 2 years was spent signing a new agreement in March 2010 and April 2010.

13. This document clearly shows that PR Selangor government must be responsible for all of its own action for the debt settlement;

-         Why after two years, the white paper cannot be released as promised?

-         What is the state valuation of each assets through the Valuation Property Service Department (JPPH) ? Why is there an apparent overvaluation of RM107million to RM165million?

-         Why are these assets accepted;

a)   Bestari Jaya land that has underwater or forest & ecology zone;

b)   Danau Putra land that has ex-mining pond possibly 80 to 100 feets;

c)   Menara Pandan Office units with low occupancy and poor marketability;

d)   Ukay Perdana retail lot that are vacant;

e)   Ulu yam Hillslope land Class 3 & 4, and

f)    Shares of Ulu yam country club sdn bhd with only asset of hillslope land in ulu yam.

-         Why is a discount RM36million being offered to Talam though Talam had failed to settle early and the settlement agreement dated 8th March 2007 has been terminated?

-         Why is PR Selangor government willing to fork out additional RM296million for Talam bankers and Talam? The funds to pay the bankers are obtained through sales of land to PNSB resulting in PNSB incurring an interest cost of RM86million

-         Why did PR Selangor government lied that all debts hidden and there is no actions taken by any state company to collect debt?

-         Why did PR Selangor government lied that they have to abide to the previous agreement of BN when all the agreements are terminated?

-         Why is PR Selangor government not transparent in disclosing all the details of the Talam deal although according to state hansard 9 November 2009, it is stated that they will be transparent in the whole deal?

14. In short the whole deal show PR Selangor state government is

·        Incompetent

·        Lacks of accountability

·        Lacks of transparency

15. To the PR Selangor government, CAT is just a political slogan to hoodwink the Selangor rakyat.


Datuk Chua Tee Yong
MCA Young Professionals Bureau Chairman
Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry
Member of Parliament for Labis

Monday, August 13, 2012

Press Statement

Press release 14

1.     YB Teresa Kok half truth answer does not explain what I have raised. What is the state valuation when PR Selangor government accept the land from Talam in 2010 and why are these lands accepted with encumbrances? PR Selangor government should stop the deception and manipulations by trying to divert the public attention.

2.     This also include the lie that all debts are hidden and no state subsidiary has attempt to recover the debt, the lies that the PR government have to abide by the BN agreement when it has lapsed, the lie about the Ulu Yam land allegedly have been returned to KHSB. Come clean with what is the state valuation and disclose for the public to see.

3.     YB Teresa Kok also confirms that there a lot of caveats and also subdivision has not completed after two years of transaction. It is also added that the unencumbered individual titles of the land will be delivered by Talam soon. How soon is soon? Is it still considered “soon” when the subdivision has not even started two and half years after the signing of the agreement in 2010?  This soon is like the PR Selangor government promise of the white paper two years , two years later no white paper.

4.     YB Teresa kok is always releasing partial information. The Danau Putra land is sold but who is sold to? What is value of the sales? When was it sold? Perhaps she could explain how a land sale can be completed when the individual title is not available for transfer and registration to the purchaser?

5.     The disposal would not been fully completed or concluded thus PR Selangor would just be able to collect the deposit. This is in line with what I have stated that this land would not be as marketable as when the land is cleared off from the caveats and charge.

6.     We do not trust PR Selangor government promise of soon. Also when is the charge on the land released for Danau Putra and all the other lands that PR Selangor government accepted from Talam since 2010? All this matter was never disclosed in the state assembly based on the hansard of 2010 and 2011

7.     In addition I have disclosed that a major portion of the land in Danau Putra has been auctioned off successfully at RM5.20 per sq ft compared to the PR accepted price of RM15 per sq ft. How is it that this land disposal could be concluded when there is an ongoing court case?

8.     What is the mechanism of the disposal is it direct negotiation or open tender?  Under the freedom of information act, details of land transaction can be disclosed to public thus YB Teresa Kok should just furnish the details to the public.

9.     The devil is in the details and PR Selangor government should disclose the disposal agreement.



Datuk Chua Tee Yong

MCA Young Professionals Bureau Chairman

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry

Member of Parliament for Labis