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Positive feedback on Animal Welfare Bill draft

Posted on 19 July 2012 - 09:01pm
Last updated on 20 July 2012 - 09:38am

PUTRAJAYA (July 19, 2012): Public feedback on the draft Animal Welfare Bill 2012 has largely been positive, with 90.9% expressing support for the government’s suggestions that were in the bill.
“After the findings are tabulated, we will put up the revised bill for another public viewing next month,” said Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Datuk Chua Tee Yong at a press conference today.

The online public viewing of the draft was for 14 days, from June 19 to July 6, and resulted in 5,094 hits with 2,421 comments on the website.

The draft bill includes licensing of activities on animals as well as promotion of animal welfare in terms of transportation, research, teaching and testing.

It also includes prevention of harm of animals as well as penalties for those who are found committing offences such as intentionally harming animals.

Among the offences suggested include:
1) Serious offence (killing an animal) – Fines not exceeding RM50,000 but not less than RM5,000 or jail of not more than three years, or both;

2) Intermediate offence (harming an animal using poison, etc) – Fines not exceeding RM30,000 but not less than RM3,000 or jail of not more than two years, or both;

3) General offence (causing distress to an animal) – Fines not exceeding RM20,000 but not less than RM2,000 or jail of not more than one year, or both.

Feedback on the topic on transporting of animals was among the highest received during the viewing period with 99.58% responding with a “Yes” to the changes on ensuring the welfare of animals during transport.

However, 79.66% of the respondents disagreed that animals under emergency situations or those that are diseased should be shot.

Chua added that many comments received came from pet owners.

“The response we received were very good, but it can be emotional at times. We have to balance out the comments, but we also encourage the public to continue giving their response for other public viewings of the draft bill,” he said.

The revised draft will be available for viewing for another 14-day period next month, and the feedback will be incorporated into the final draft of the bill which is expected to be tabled in Parliament next year.


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Mosques and surau in Labis prepare for Ramadan

Thursday July 19, 2012

LABIS: Thirteen mosques and 26 surau in Labis were given rice to prepare bubur lambuk or porridge for the local communities in the coming fasting month.

Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong handed bags of rice worth RM26,000 to imam and representatives from the mosques and surau during a simple ceremony held at Masjid Jamek Labis here recently.

“We hope this will help to reduce the burden of the mosques and surau in preparing bubur lambuk for the people,” he said after presenting the contributionThe holy month of Ramadan is expected to begin this weekend.

Rice for bubur lambuk: Chua Tee Yong (centre) gives away rice to the imam and representatives from mosques and surau in Labis.

Chua said during the fasting month, Muslims experience hunger and thirst and learn to sympathise with the poor and those that have little to eat.

He said the significance of breaking fast were also felt by non-Muslims as they were also invited to join the buka puasa meal.

“This will help foster closer ties among people of different races and faiths in the country.

“We have to be grateful as we are able to fast in a peaceful environment and celebrate as a family,” he said, adding that only a politically stable country would provide such conditions for its people.

Collapsed church in Labis reopened

Wednesday July 18, 2012
LABIS: The Labis Lutheran Congregation church that collapsed during a heavy storm last year has been rebuilt and reopened.
The reconstruction project, located in North Labis Estate, costs RM150,000 and took eight months to complete.

Pastor Rev K. Thambiraj said the wooden building was infested with termites before it was damaged last August.

“It was officially open for service again on May 26. We thank everyone for their contribution,” he said when met at the church ground recently.

Open for services: The new building of the Labis Lutheran Congregation church.

Rev Thambiraj said the plight of the church was brought up to the attention of Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong, who contributed RM25,000 under his parliamentary allocation.

“We managed to raise the rest of the funds through public donations,” he said, adding that the church is opened five days a week for services.

The church was established in 1973 and has more than 40 members comprising plantation workers and residents from surrounding areas.

Chua, who is also Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, said he was glad to see the project completed and that the church members have a better place for worshipping and religious activities.

He added that Sime Darby Plantations Sdn Bhd, the owner of the North Labis Estate, has promised to contribute between RM10,000 and RM20,000 for the church as part of its reconstruction cost.

Friday, July 13, 2012

RM600,000 allocation to patch up access road

Wednesday July 11, 2012

LABIS: The government has allocated RM600,000 to upgrade part of the access road to Kampung Kudong orang asli village from Bekok new village.

Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong said the fund under Prime Minister’s Department and Johor government would be used to patch up stretches of road that totalled 4.6km.

“The access road will be upgraded in stages and the 4.6km stretch project has been opened for tender.

Having a game: Chua (third right) kicking a ball while playing futsal with the Kampung Kudong orang asli youths after launching the futsal court. Looking on is Lim (right).

“The villagers have been asking for the road to be upgraded for sometime. However, it was forced to delay due to facilitate the authorities to determine the ownership of the land,” he said after visiting the orang asli village here recently.

Chua, who is also Agriculture and Agro-based Industry deputy minister, also launched the 1Malaysia Futsal court in the village.

The RM200,000 court was built with the allocation from the Youth and Sports Ministry.

Gift to the village: Chua presenting of a mock key to Lim (third left) as a symbol of handing over the 1Malaysia futsal court to the village.

Chua urged all villagers to make use of the facilities wisely and take good care of every item.

Chua also announced an allocation of RM20,000 under for the village to improve its children’s playground and RM3,000 to repair football stands.

Village head Tok Batin Asoi Lim Tiam Chin said it was a big contribution for villages here and they were thankful for the allocations.

He said the sports facilities available would help to avoid the young people from involving in unhealthy activities because they would be occupied with sports activities.

“The orang asli children are familiar with football and badminton games only and never know what is Futsal all about.

“Now, they have the opportunity to know another type of the sport,” he said and urged youths in the village to make full use of the facilities and not waste the efforts by the government.

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Young Professionals Bureau – Talam & S’gor state govt need to clarify portion for debt recovery and cash

MCA HQ, 5 July – After MCA Young Professionals Bureau chairman Datuk Chua Tee Yong had exposed a RM1billion scandal involving the Pakatan Selangor state government to bailout Talam Corp, a new questionable transaction was unveiled when the member of Parliament for Labis revealed that the Pakatan state government had purchased 2,263 acres of land at Bestari Jaya for RM181million at RM80,000 per acre when the valuer for Talam had evaluated the landplot at RM60,000 per acre or RM 139 million at market rate.

To a question, Tee Yong remarked that “what I understand is that this is a land transaction for the debt recovery exercise. Some parts, the state government used to offset the debt … some part, the state has to give cash for the land… but the portion, I hope that Talam can disclose which part of it is for land transaction is for debt recovery. That one I don’t know. You need to ask Talam.”

On the planned lawsuit which the Selangor state government has announced it will take against our party, Tee Yong was asked to comment to which he replied “the Selangor Pakatan government can do what they want and I will continue doing what is necessary.”

Earlier, he informed that “we have not received anything. How to comment?” while adding that “we have not received any letter and don’t know if they are suing MCA, me or whoever attended the press conference.” He later quipped, “I asked, and they did not clarify. And now they say they want to sue.”

Two years later and still no White Paper on Talam debt recovery

To another question, the MCA state Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru Wong Koon Mun highlighted that “the Selangor state government has passed the Freedom of Information Enactment 2010 at the assembly. They were considerate to let the rakyat seek information.” In outlining the contradictions practised by the Pakatan state government, Koon Mun who is also the MCA Selangor Secretary pointed out that “the Menteri Besar doesn’t understand that he no longer is a corporate figure but an MB. The rakyat have right to know about the transaction and money usage between state government and Talam. Everytime there is issue, he says ‘I will sue you. That is not a transparent government.”

Simultaneously, Koon Mun also brought attention to the White Paper on Talam’s restructuring which the MB pledged that he would furnish in 2010 but is obviously evading or delaying submitting it. “He then said he would release it in 2013. It is no longer a question of whether he will reply in 2013 but that he does not want to answer. In 2013, he may not be the state government!”

On Tee Yong’s his view regarding the Selangor select committee on competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat), the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry replied that “I have not much faith or confidence in Selcat when it is investing its own government.”
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Datuk Chua Tee Yong: Pakatan Selangor overspending RM42million on land sale to Talam

Press Release by Datuk Chua Tee Yong on Pakatan Selangor overspending RM42million on land sale to TALAM

1. Today, I want to congratulate Talam for their exceptional business negotiating skills with the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government in terms of debt recovery exercise.

2. The Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government has been claiming that the state government has benefited the rakyat in the Talam debt recovery exercise. However, I think the one that has benefit the most and smartest is Talam. Why do I say so?

3. Talam sold a 2,263 acres of leasehold land located at Bestari Jaya, to the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government at a price of RM80,000 per acre, costing RM181 million.

4. However, a valuation report to Talam, dated October 11, 2010 by Mitra Valuers and Property Consultants Sdn Bhd, states that the leasehold land of 2,263 acres market value is only valued at RM139 million or RM60,000 per acre provided the land is being free from encumbrance. This valuation report is conducted for purpose of assessing market value for the sale of the land to Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government relating to debt recovery exercise.

5. So, Talam has successfully sold the land at higher price of RM 42 million above market value. The question I want to ask Talam, is how did they manage sell it at a price above market value considering the fact that this land is encumbered and is still charged to financial entities.

6. In addition, I am also made aware that out of the 2,263 acres of land, there are probably 1,013 acres of land, representing 44% of the land that have the following complications based on the valuation report:

I. 438 acres of the land are underwater lands. For this underwater portion, it requires additional RM 50 million to 100 million based on current estimates, just to fill up before any construction work can start.

II. There are also 575 acres of the land which is stated as ‘forest and ecology reserves’ which has little commercial value.

7. The question remains in mind now is how did Talam manage to convince Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government to buy this land at such a higher price of RM 42 million above the market value, although there is 1,013 acres of lands with complications and it is encumbered.

8. This deal gives rise to much speculation, either:

I. Talam is good in negotiation; OR
II. Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government is NOT aware of the true scenario; OR
III. Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government is incompetent; OR
IV. Rakyat’s money is NOT important.

YB Datuk Chua Tee YongMCA Young Professionals Bureau ChairmanDeputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based IndustryMember of Parliament for Labis
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Labis MP urges division party members to continue to help resolve people’s issues

Tuesday July 3, 2012


LABIS: Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong had urged thee MCA division party members to continue to work hard and help resolve people’s issues to ensure more development in the constituency.

“Although we managed to retain the Labis parliament seat and Bekok state seat in 2008, we cannot take it for granted that we will win again.

“We still have a lot of work to do to ensure more development such as infrastructure in this area and help people live better lives,” he said at the Labis MCA division annual general meeting here on Sunday.

Chua added that the MCA was not a party that only shows up once every five years.

“We only have one target that is to work hard and serve the people, hoping that we will receive people’s support,” he said.

Chua pointed out that the next general election could be the toughest ever for the MCA, however, all must stand firm against any attacks from the Oppositions.

He also said the party has launch various welfare programmes nationwide such as 1MCA Medical Foundation to improve its services.

“We also have many party members standing at the frontline to fight for better education and welfare for the people,” he said, adding that issues would not be resolved by just issuing statements, holding demonstration and complaining.

Chua said the division supports the party’s decision not to accept any Cabinet appointments if the party did not do well in the next general election.

“We will respect the people’s wish and it is not to threaten the Chinese community,” he said.

He added that they also supported the transformation programmes by the government, which brought an obvious improvement to the country’s economic.

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Tee Yong: Where’s the White Paper?

KUALA LUMPUR: The Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government has come under fire for failing to keep its promise of tabling a White Paper to explain the state's failed debt recovery exercise involving Talam Corporation Bhd.

MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Datuk Chua Tee Yong said the state government had promised in July 2010 that it would table the White Paper by the end of that year but had yet to do so.

“Is someone trying to hide something? Is there a cover-up? Is that the reason there has been no White Paper until today? “ he asked.

“I challenge the Selangor government to release the White Paper it promised to deliver two years ago.

“It should now disclose all the assets it acquired as well as the valuation method and basis used in justifying the purchases,” he said.

Meeting the press: Tee Yong (third from left) addressing a press conference held to divulge details on Selangor government’s ‘questionable deals’ at Wisma MCA in Kuala Lumpur.

“The state government must explain to the rakyat the acquisition of RM676mil worth of assets and the use of the RM392mil grant which resulted in questionable deals worth more than RM1bil.”

In an immediate response, Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said he would table the White Paper when presenting the 2013 Budget at the state assembly.

Khalid added that he would respond to the allegations today.

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1 billion scandal set to explode in Selangor

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia - An alleged RM1bil (S$401 million) scandal involving the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government, a public-listed company and abuse of public funds is set to explode.
MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Datuk Chua Tee Yong sent out several tweets on the potential controversy yesterday, saying he would expose a "scandal involving RM1bil worth of wheeling and dealing".

Chua said he had received information on the deals that were kept concealed through complicated transactions.

He said the deals were related to asset transfers, restructuring tactics and corporate exercises, among others.

"As Pakatan Rakyat claims to champion transparency, I challenge them to disclose details of the transactions," said Chua, who is also the Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister.
Chua, who is an accountant and former chief financial officer of a government-linked company, said:
"I will disclose more details so that the rakyat can judge if Pakatan Rakyat walks the talk, or merely makes empty promises."

Selangor Barisan Nasional coordinator Datuk Seri Mohd Zin Mohamed said Pakatan should explain to the people why assets belonging to government-linked companies had shrunk.

"Reveal transaction records involving properties belonging to government-linked companies such as KDEB (Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd) and PKNS (Selangor Development Corporation)," he said.
Meanwhile Gagasan Anti Penyelewengan Selangor (GAPS) president Hamizun Kamaruddin said he would also reveal hanky-panky involving the state government from time to time.

He said the alleged dubious deals included the transfers of PKNS assets to PKNS Holding to facilitate sales transactions and joint venture agreements.

Hamizun also questioned the de-listing of Worldwide Holdings Bhd, a real estate company in which the state government had the majority stake, two years ago.

He also called for thorough investigations into the sale of assets belonging to Yayasan Selangor, PKNS, Permodalan Negri Selangor Bhd and KDEB.