Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PAS welfare state = old wine in new bottle

Press Statement by MCA Young Professionals Bureau Chairman Datuk Chua Tee Yong

The “newest” manifesto published by PAS entitled Negara Berkebajikan Harapan PAS is nothing other than reapplying the same tricks adopted previously i.e. masking their real intent of establishing a PAS Islamic state beneath the veneer of a PAS welfare state to shore up voter support for the coming general elections.

Before and after the 2008 general elections, PAS still menaces around with wordplays to mislead the rakyat. They overlap the semantics of using PAS “welfare state” for a PAS “Islamic state” to mislead people. Once PAS has received public support, they will unveil their true face.

After the 2008 political tsunami, Pakatan Rakyat, in particular PAS had gained plenty of benefits. Besides retaining Kelantan, the theocratic-based party gained Kedah as well. Yet the welfare state policies which PAS promised before the 12th general elections or 308 has never been raised. On the contrary, they announced that they want to implement hudud law. In many by-elections, PAS played the PAS Islamic state card frequently.
The upcoming 13th general elections threatens the PAS Islamic state idea mooted by PAS who realize their insistence on implementing hudud law will chase away the support of non-Muslims. In order to fulfill their ultimate goal of forming a PAS Islamic state, PAS had no choice but to conceal their intention by using a PAS “welfare state” as a facade.

Fearing further loss of non-Muslim votes, PAS dares not elaborate their version of a PAS Islamic state, with the excuse that it is “not the time yet.” But Malaysians must be aware that PAS used the term “Islam” to register as a political party, and the party constitution clearly lists PAS’ goals, of which their ultimate aim is to form a PAS Islamic state.

PAS’ “welfare state” and “Islamic state” share the same meaning. It is not two separate systems of administrations although the name is different. Re-mentioning the PAS “welfare state” is purely for political strategizing.

Similarly, PAS does not insert the implementation of PAS version of hudud into the PAS manifesto, although it is their ultimate goal. After Pakatan or PAS won the elections, Kelantan and Kedah under the PAS administration began showing signs of wear and tear under the implementation of hudud law. The daily life of Muslims and non-Muslims has been greatly affected.

I urged the public to clearly see the true identity of Pakatan, especially PAS. Do not be fooled by their PAS “welfare state” and fall into their trap. MCA will defend and will not tolerate any legislation which impedes the rights of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

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