Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PAS using different terms to fool the people, says Tee Yong

KUALA LUMPUR: PAS is still keen on an Islamic state and is just using different terms to fool the people, MCA Young Professionals Bureau chairman Datuk Chua Tee Yong said.

“The fact that PAS declines to explain the implementation of hudud law shows its ulterior motives in building an Islamic state and its hidden agenda,” Chua said.

A local Chinese daily recently reported that PAS Youth leader Nasrudin Hassan had issued a statement saying the implementation of hudud law should not be delayed because the people still do not understand it.

“If the people do not understand PAS' concept of hudud, how can they be expected to make a decision?” Chua asked.

“PAS has claimed that hudud law will not affect non-Muslims. DAP and PKR non-Muslims MPs still remain silent, and we have not seen anyone making a stand on this matter.”

Chua said that PAS was actively promoting itself and evading the main issues.

“On one hand, it claims it wants to implement a welfare state, but on the other hand it says the welfare state will be based on the principles of hudud,” Chua said.

According to Chua, both PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and PAS Selangor exco member Datuk Hasan Ali had said that an Islamic state and a welfare state were the same, with the only difference in its wording.

“Since there is no difference between an Islamic state and a welfare state, then the establishment of an Islamic state will be the main goal if it is included in Pakatan Rakyat's manifesto,” Chua said.

“Even if Pakatan Rakyat does not include this in the manifesto or Buku Jingga, it is nothing but a political sweetener and is meaningless as PAS has never respected its partners in Pakatan,” he added.

Chua went on to say that the statements from the PAS leadership had confused the people.

He said that whenever Barisan Nasional questioned them on their change of plans, Barisan was accused of demonising hudud law when in fact Nasrudin had said that the establishment of a welfare state was the first step towards establishing an Islamic state.

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