Monday, June 27, 2011

Another blow to ‘rubbish pork’ peddlers

In a move seen as dealing a further blow to peddlers of “rubbish pork “( low quality pork) , the Agriculture and Agro-based industry ministry has ordered that from July , all abattoirs in the country take Sunday as a rest day . At present, some abattoirs operate seven days a week.

Apart from banning the slaughtering of pigs, the ministry also forbids moving pigs out of farm on Sunday.

Deputy ministry Chua Tee Yong said the move is to facilitate a clampdown on “rubbish pork” by enforcement officers.

“We do not want any slaughtering or transporting of pigs on Sunday,” he said adding that if pigs are transported on Sunday, there is only one place they are headed to- illegal abattoirs. He believed the move would not affect the majority of abattoirs as only “two or three” abattoirs still operate on Sunday .

“Any abattoir which faces problems as a result can bring them up with the ministry.

“But since most pork stalls are closed on Monday, abattoir operators should not have any problem taking Sunday off.”

He said operators could make use of Sunday to check and clean their facilities and premises.

He said abattoir operating on Sunday after July 1 may not have their contracts with the government renewed.

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