Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shutting down Genting means thousands of job losses – MCA Young Professionals Bureau

MCA’s concerns that Genting’s casino maybe forcibly shut down should PAS seize Pahang state were confirmed today when Pahang PAS chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is reported to have said that “PAS may consider closing up Resorts World Genting’s gambling operations … (as) this involves religious concerns.”

MCA’s stand
I wish to repeat my party’s stand that MCA does not encourage gambling. Nevertheless, we urge all parties especially PAS to respect the rights of non-Muslims.

Impending job cuts & Brain drain
PAS fails to see another major issue. Genting Highlands is not about the casino only. Its cool weather, amusement park, restaurants and golf course attract all age groups from all over the world. Revoking the casino’s licence serves to scare tourists away with images of Malaysia turning overly conservative and punitive.

Tuan Ibrahim’s assertions that “hudud law is for Muslims only and not non-Muslims” fall flat. It is not just the jobs of Genting staff which are on the line, but also the downstream Muslim and non-Muslim suppliers too. Considering the amount that Genting pays in taxes, the nation’s coffers will see a reduction while beneficiaries of Genting’s corporate service responsibility projects like schools and charities would also be on the losing end.

When jobs cannot be sustained, workers will look elsewhere like Singapore or Macao for better opportunities – thus, Malaysia once again will suffer a drain of its talents.

DAP and PKR, what say you?
DAP and PKR therefore are unable to look after the welfare and interests of Malaysians as a whole – a sharp turnaround of the promises in the Buku Jingga. The much touted Buku Jingga contains mere political niceties, but PAS will never care a twig for its contents or other coalition partners in their gear-up to push for a theocratic state.

I pose to DAP and PKR – What measures will you be taking to ensure that hudud law will not affect non-Muslims? How are you going to face up to the electorate knowing that so many jobs are at stake if Pakatan wrestles Pahang? Should not the Opposition parties be more concerned about generating employment and entrepreneurial opportunities?

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