Friday, July 6, 2012

Young Professionals Bureau – Talam & S’gor state govt need to clarify portion for debt recovery and cash

MCA HQ, 5 July – After MCA Young Professionals Bureau chairman Datuk Chua Tee Yong had exposed a RM1billion scandal involving the Pakatan Selangor state government to bailout Talam Corp, a new questionable transaction was unveiled when the member of Parliament for Labis revealed that the Pakatan state government had purchased 2,263 acres of land at Bestari Jaya for RM181million at RM80,000 per acre when the valuer for Talam had evaluated the landplot at RM60,000 per acre or RM 139 million at market rate.

To a question, Tee Yong remarked that “what I understand is that this is a land transaction for the debt recovery exercise. Some parts, the state government used to offset the debt … some part, the state has to give cash for the land… but the portion, I hope that Talam can disclose which part of it is for land transaction is for debt recovery. That one I don’t know. You need to ask Talam.”

On the planned lawsuit which the Selangor state government has announced it will take against our party, Tee Yong was asked to comment to which he replied “the Selangor Pakatan government can do what they want and I will continue doing what is necessary.”

Earlier, he informed that “we have not received anything. How to comment?” while adding that “we have not received any letter and don’t know if they are suing MCA, me or whoever attended the press conference.” He later quipped, “I asked, and they did not clarify. And now they say they want to sue.”

Two years later and still no White Paper on Talam debt recovery

To another question, the MCA state Assemblyman for Kuala Kubu Baru Wong Koon Mun highlighted that “the Selangor state government has passed the Freedom of Information Enactment 2010 at the assembly. They were considerate to let the rakyat seek information.” In outlining the contradictions practised by the Pakatan state government, Koon Mun who is also the MCA Selangor Secretary pointed out that “the Menteri Besar doesn’t understand that he no longer is a corporate figure but an MB. The rakyat have right to know about the transaction and money usage between state government and Talam. Everytime there is issue, he says ‘I will sue you. That is not a transparent government.”

Simultaneously, Koon Mun also brought attention to the White Paper on Talam’s restructuring which the MB pledged that he would furnish in 2010 but is obviously evading or delaying submitting it. “He then said he would release it in 2013. It is no longer a question of whether he will reply in 2013 but that he does not want to answer. In 2013, he may not be the state government!”

On Tee Yong’s his view regarding the Selangor select committee on competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat), the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry replied that “I have not much faith or confidence in Selcat when it is investing its own government.”
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