Friday, July 13, 2012

RM600,000 allocation to patch up access road

Wednesday July 11, 2012

LABIS: The government has allocated RM600,000 to upgrade part of the access road to Kampung Kudong orang asli village from Bekok new village.

Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong said the fund under Prime Minister’s Department and Johor government would be used to patch up stretches of road that totalled 4.6km.

“The access road will be upgraded in stages and the 4.6km stretch project has been opened for tender.

Having a game: Chua (third right) kicking a ball while playing futsal with the Kampung Kudong orang asli youths after launching the futsal court. Looking on is Lim (right).

“The villagers have been asking for the road to be upgraded for sometime. However, it was forced to delay due to facilitate the authorities to determine the ownership of the land,” he said after visiting the orang asli village here recently.

Chua, who is also Agriculture and Agro-based Industry deputy minister, also launched the 1Malaysia Futsal court in the village.

The RM200,000 court was built with the allocation from the Youth and Sports Ministry.

Gift to the village: Chua presenting of a mock key to Lim (third left) as a symbol of handing over the 1Malaysia futsal court to the village.

Chua urged all villagers to make use of the facilities wisely and take good care of every item.

Chua also announced an allocation of RM20,000 under for the village to improve its children’s playground and RM3,000 to repair football stands.

Village head Tok Batin Asoi Lim Tiam Chin said it was a big contribution for villages here and they were thankful for the allocations.

He said the sports facilities available would help to avoid the young people from involving in unhealthy activities because they would be occupied with sports activities.

“The orang asli children are familiar with football and badminton games only and never know what is Futsal all about.

“Now, they have the opportunity to know another type of the sport,” he said and urged youths in the village to make full use of the facilities and not waste the efforts by the government.

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