Monday, March 12, 2012

Tee Yong: No MCA request to contest in Kepong

PETALING JAYA: The MCA has not formally requested to contest the Kepong parliamentary seat in the next general election, said MCA Young Professionals Bureau chairman Datuk Chua Tee Yong.

As part of the Barisan Nasional coalition, he said each component party had a complementary role to play.

“If there is no MCA candidate for some seats, it doesn’t mean that MCA does not play its role.

“We will still serve and help the local communities whether or not we have an MP or state assemblyman in the area,” he said after launching the Kepong MCA special task force comprising local non-governmental organisations and residents.

Chua was responding to a media report that Gerakan had declared its intention to keep the Kepong seat.

Kepong Gerakan division chairman Ma Woei Chyi had said that the party, which had been contesting there since 1974, was committed to the people in the area.

Ma made the statement following reports of Kepong Umno members suggesting that MCA contest in Kepong instead of Gerakan this time around.

However, Chua stressed that the final decision would come from the top and must be respected.
-The Star-

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