Monday, August 13, 2012

Press Statement

Press release 14

1.     YB Teresa Kok half truth answer does not explain what I have raised. What is the state valuation when PR Selangor government accept the land from Talam in 2010 and why are these lands accepted with encumbrances? PR Selangor government should stop the deception and manipulations by trying to divert the public attention.

2.     This also include the lie that all debts are hidden and no state subsidiary has attempt to recover the debt, the lies that the PR government have to abide by the BN agreement when it has lapsed, the lie about the Ulu Yam land allegedly have been returned to KHSB. Come clean with what is the state valuation and disclose for the public to see.

3.     YB Teresa Kok also confirms that there a lot of caveats and also subdivision has not completed after two years of transaction. It is also added that the unencumbered individual titles of the land will be delivered by Talam soon. How soon is soon? Is it still considered “soon” when the subdivision has not even started two and half years after the signing of the agreement in 2010?  This soon is like the PR Selangor government promise of the white paper two years , two years later no white paper.

4.     YB Teresa kok is always releasing partial information. The Danau Putra land is sold but who is sold to? What is value of the sales? When was it sold? Perhaps she could explain how a land sale can be completed when the individual title is not available for transfer and registration to the purchaser?

5.     The disposal would not been fully completed or concluded thus PR Selangor would just be able to collect the deposit. This is in line with what I have stated that this land would not be as marketable as when the land is cleared off from the caveats and charge.

6.     We do not trust PR Selangor government promise of soon. Also when is the charge on the land released for Danau Putra and all the other lands that PR Selangor government accepted from Talam since 2010? All this matter was never disclosed in the state assembly based on the hansard of 2010 and 2011

7.     In addition I have disclosed that a major portion of the land in Danau Putra has been auctioned off successfully at RM5.20 per sq ft compared to the PR accepted price of RM15 per sq ft. How is it that this land disposal could be concluded when there is an ongoing court case?

8.     What is the mechanism of the disposal is it direct negotiation or open tender?  Under the freedom of information act, details of land transaction can be disclosed to public thus YB Teresa Kok should just furnish the details to the public.

9.     The devil is in the details and PR Selangor government should disclose the disposal agreement.



Datuk Chua Tee Yong

MCA Young Professionals Bureau Chairman

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry

Member of Parliament for Labis

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